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The Pelican™ Storm Case™ has the same legendary DNA as our Pelican Protector Case, with one primary difference: A unique Press and Pull latch that locks automatically, but open with a light touch. Guaranteed for life
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Pelican IM2050 Pelican IM2050

Storm Case IM2050

Pelican IM2050GP1 Pelican IM2050GP1

Storm Case IM2050GP1

Pelican IM2050GP2 Pelican IM2050GP2

Storm Case IM2050GP2

Pelican IM2075 Pelican IM2075

Storm Case IM2075

Pelican IM2100 Pelican IM2100

Storm Case IM2100

Pelican IM2200 Pelican IM2200

Storm Case IM2200

Pelican IM2300 Pelican IM2300

Storm Case IM2300

Pelican IM2306 Pelican IM2306

Storm Case IM2306

Pelican IM2370 Pelican IM2370

Storm Case IM2370

Pelican IM2400 Pelican IM2400

Storm Case IM2400

Pelican IM2435 Pelican IM2435

Pelican Storm Case IM2435

Pelican IM2450 Pelican IM2450

Storm Case IM2450

Pelican IM2500 Pelican IM2500

Storm Case IM2500

Pelican IM2600 Pelican IM2600

Storm Case IM2600

Pelican IM2620 Pelican IM2620

Storm Case IM2620

Pelican IM2700 Pelican IM2700

Storm Case IM2700

Pelican IM2720 Pelican IM2720

Storm Case IM2720

Pelican IM2750 Pelican IM2750

Storm Case IM2750

Pelican IM2875 Pelican IM2875

Storm Case IM2875

Pelican IM2950 Pelican IM2950

Storm Case IM2950

Pelican IM2975 Pelican IM2975

Storm Case IM2975

Pelican IM3075 Pelican IM3075

Storm Case IM3075

Pelican IM3100 Pelican IM3100

Storm Case IM3100

Pelican IM3200 Pelican IM3200

Storm Case IM3200

Pelican IM3220 Pelican IM3220

Storm Case IM3220

Pelican IM3300 Pelican IM3300

Storm Case IM3300

Pelican IM3300RFL Pelican IM3300RFL

Storm Case IM3300RFL

Pelican IM3300SGN Pelican IM3300SGN

Storm Case IM3300SGN

Pelican IM3410 Pelican IM3410

Storm Case IM3410