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The Rolls Series AGM-S feature thick plates with a high density active material. This design allows for reserve energy to be stored deep within the battery plates and released during slow discharge.
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Rolls S12-128AGM Rolls S12-128AGM

12 Volt - 115Ah AGM Battery

Rolls S12-160AGM Rolls S12-160AGM

12 Volt - 145Ah AGM Battery

Rolls S12-116AGM Rolls S12-116AGM

12 Volt - 105Ah AGM Battery

Rolls S12-240AGM Rolls S12-240AGM

12 Volt - 215Ah AGM Battery

Rolls S12-290AGM Rolls S12-290AGM

12 Volt - 260Ah AGM Battery

Rolls S12-95AGM Rolls S12-95AGM

12 Volt - 85Ah AGM Battery

Rolls S2-1275AGM Rolls S2-1275AGM

2 Volt - 1150Ah AGM Battery

Rolls S6-275AGM Rolls S6-275AGM

6 Volt - 250Ah AGM Battery

Rolls S6-460AGM Rolls S6-460AGM

6 Volt - 415Ah AGM Battery

Rolls S12-230AGM Rolls S12-230AGM

12 Volt - 210Ah AGM Battery

S2-590AGM, Rolls Battery Rolls S2-590AGM

2 Volt - 550Ah AGM Battery

S2-945AGM, Rolls Battery Rolls S2-945AGM

2 Volt - 880Ah AGM Battery

S2-1180AGM, Rolls Battery Rolls S2-1180AGM

2 Volt - 1100Ah AGM Battery

S2-1895AGM, Rolls Battery Rolls S2-1895AGM

2 Volt - 1750Ah AGM Battery

S2-2375AGM, Rolls Battery Rolls S2-2375AGM

2 Volt - 2200Ah AGM Battery

S2-3560AGM, Rolls Battery Rolls S2-3560AGM

2 Volt - 3300Ah AGM Battery

Rolls S6-370AGM Rolls S6-370AGM

6 Volt - 335Ah AGM Battery