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Check back on this clearance page as new clearance products are updated and others sold and removed often.

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The products listed here are clearance products which mean that they are older aged stock and or (recharged) or discontinued items, blemished packaging and in some cases overstock items.

We sell clearance items at or below our cost to clear them out as fast as possible as we need to make room for more inventory. You will never find a lower price anywhere on our clearance items. Make sure to browse the entire selection as there are some fantastic deals to be found!

Product warranty is limited to 30 days however in some cases a longer warranty may apply. Please check product details on the item you are interested for specific warranty or product condition information email: Clearance Question .

All sales are final.
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CTEK 40-149 CTEK 40-149

12V Battery Smart Analyzer

Price: $52.40
CTEK 40-154 CTEK 40-154

20A Off Grid Charging System

Price: $426.49
CTEK 40-155 CTEK 40-155

100A Off Road Charging System

Price: $603.47
CTEK 40-186 CTEK 40-186 D250SA


Price: $259.96
CTEK 56-191 CTEK 56-191

6 Volt Charger

Price: $58.42
CTEK 56-260 CTEK 56-260

M6(6,4mm) - Length 40cm

Price: $5.37
CTEK 56-263 CTEK 56-263

Cigarette Outlet Connector

Price: $9.73
CTEK 56-304 CTEK 56-304

Extension Cable

Price: $8.74
CTEK 56-314 CTEK 56-314

Wall Hanger For Charger

Price: $29.99
CTEK 56-329 CTEK 56-329

M10(10,4mm) - Length: 40cm

Price: $5.16
CTEK 56-380 CTEK 56-380

Comfort Indicator Panel

Price: $17.14
CTEK 56-382 CTEK 56-382

Eyelet M8(8.4mm) Length: 55cm

Price: $10.49
CTEK 56-384 CTEK 56-384

Length 100cm - Fuse: 15A

Price: $12.75
CTEK 56-564 CTEK 56-564

Comfort Indicator Pigtail

Price: $8.10
CTEK 56-573 CTEK 56-573

Comfort Connect Cig Socket

Price: $9.45
CTEK 56-674 CTEK 56-674

12V Lead-Acid Battery Charger

Price: $252.99
CTEK 56-676 CTEK 56-676

12V Lead-Acid Battery Charger

Price: $173.99
CTEK 56-677 CTEK 56-677

12V Lead-Acid Battery Charger

Price: $255.99
CTEK 56-830 CTEK 56-830

12V - 16V Battery Charger

Price: $194.99
CTEK 56-865 CTEK 56-865

12V Lead-Acid Battery Charger

Price: $56.57
CTEK 56-870 CTEK 56-870

Comfort Indicator Cig Plug

Price: $13.30
CTEK 56-915 CTEK 56-915

CTEK Bumper -  Black

Price: $8.72
CTEK 56-925 CTEK 56-925

12V Lead-Acid Battery Analyzer

Price: $93.96
CTEK 56-926 CTEK 56-926

12V Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) Charger

Price: $104.85