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Environment friendly Advance Technology Battery (ATB) has been developed using a new patented chemistry which makes it the ideal replacement for Lead-Acid and VRLA batteries (GEL &AGM).It blends into the consumer lifestyles of many industries such as transportation, telecommunications, electric power, military, marine, aviation, and commercial facilities etc., and is widely accepted by institutions and individuals.
Compared to the conventional VRLA (Lead Acid, Gel) & Lithium batteries, Advance Technology batteries perform much better because of their unique chemistry & characteristics. These can work at extreme temperatures and provides low gassing. Advance Technology Batteries can be stored for nearly two years without charging.

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6EFSL260 6V 260Ah SIO2 12EFSL34 12V 34Ah SIO2 12EFSL87 12V 87Ah SIO2
SIO2 6V 260Ah @20HR RATE SIO2 12V 34Ah @20HR RATE
SIO2 12V 87Ah @20HR RATE
12EFSN13 12V 13Ah SIO2 6EFSL281 6V 281Ah SIO2 6EFSL325 6V 325Ah SIO2
SIO2 12V 13Ah @20HR RATE SIO2 6V 281Ah @20HR RATE
SIO2 6V 325Ah @20HR RATE
8EFSL179 8V 179Ah SIO2 12EFSL39 12V 39Ah SIO2 12EFSL50 12V 50Ah SIO2
SIO2 8V 179Ah @20HR RATE
SIO2 12V 39Ah @20HR RATE
SIO2 12V 50Ah @20HR RATE
12EFSL76 12V 76Ah SIO2 12EFSL108 12V 108Ah SIO2 12EFSL125 12V 125Ah SIO2
SIO2 12V 76Ah @20HR RATE
SIO2 12V 108Ah @20HR RATE
SIO2 12V 125Ah @20HR RATE
12EFSL185 12V 185Ah SIO2 12EFSL230T 12V 230Ah SIO2 12EFSL152 12V 152Ah SIO2
SIO2 12V 185Ah @20HR RATE
SIO2 12V 230Ah @20HR RATE
SIO2 12V 152Ah @20HR RATE