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From the Protector to the Voyager to the Vault designs, you'll find the right level of protection for your Apple iPhone®, iPad® or Samsung Galaxy device.
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Pelican C01100 Pelican C01100

C01100 Adventurer iPhone 5, 5S, SE Case

Pelican C02100 Pelican C02100

C02100 Adventurer iPhone 6, 6S Case

Pelican C07100 Pelican C07100

Adventurer C07100 iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus Case

Pelican C23100 Pelican C23100

Adventurer C23100 iPhone 7 Case

Pelican C24100 Pelican C24100

Adventurer C24100 iPhone 7 Plus Case

Pelican C02040 Pelican C02040

C02040 Marine iPhone 6, 6S Case

Pelican C07000 Pelican C07000

Protector C07000 iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus Case

Pelican C02000 Pelican C02000

C02000 Protector iPhone 6, 6S Case

Pelican C23000 Pelican C23000

Protector C23000 iPhone 7, 7S Case

Pelican C24000 Pelican C24000

Protector C24000 iPhone 7 Plus, 7S Plus Case

Pelican C30000 Pelican C30000

Protector C30000 Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Pelican C17000 Pelican C17000

Protector C17000 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case

Pelican C18000 Pelican C18000

Protector C18000 Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

Pelican C19000 Pelican C19000

Protector C19000 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Pelican CE1250 Pelican CE1250

Protector CE1250 Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

Pelican C03030 Pelican C03030

C03030 Voyager Samsung Galaxy S5

Pelican C04030 Pelican C04030

Voyager C04030 Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

Pelican C06030 Pelican C06030

Voyager C06030 Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Case

Pelican C08030 Pelican C08030

Voyager C08030 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case

Pelican C09030 Pelican C09030

Voyager C09030 Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case

Pelican C10030 Pelican C10030

Voyager C10030 Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Case

Pelican C15030 Pelican C15030

Voyager C15030 Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Case

Pelican C16030 Pelican C16030

Voyager C16030 Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Pelican C18030 Pelican C18030

Voyager C18030 Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

Pelican C22030 Pelican C22030

Voyager C22030 Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Case

Pelican C01030 Pelican C01030

C01030 Voyager iPhone 5, 5S & SE Case

Pelican C02030 Pelican C02030

C02030 Voyager iPhone 6 & 6S Case

Pelican C07030 Pelican C07030

Voyager C07030 iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus Case

Pelican C23030 Pelican C23030

Voyager C23030 iPhone 7 Case

Pelican C24030 Pelican C24030

Voyager C24030 iPhone 7 Plus Case

Pelican C11030 Pelican C11030

Voyager C10030 Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Case

Pelican C12030 Pelican C12030

Voyager C12030 iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3 Case

Pelican C14030 Pelican C14030

Voyager C14030 iPad 4 Case

Pelican C21030 Pelican C21030

Voyager C21030 iPad Air 2 and Pro 9.7 Case

Pelican C11080 Pelican C11080

Vault C11080 iPad Air 2 Case

Pelican C12080 Pelican C12080

Vault C12080 iPad Mini 1/2/3 Case

Pelican C14080 Pelican C14080

Vault C14080 iPad Mini 4 Case

Pelican CE2180 Pelican CE2180

Vault CE2180 iPad Air Case

Pelican C23050 Pelican C23050

Vault C23050 iPhone 7 Case

Pelican C24050 Pelican C24050

Vault C24050 iPhone 7 Plus Case