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OP100 OP100

12Volt - 100Ah - LiFePo4 Battery


12Volt - 10Ah - RT - LiFePo4 Battery

OP20 OP20

12Volt - 20Ah - LiFePo4 Battery

OP35 OP35

12Volt - 35Ah - LiFePo4 Battery

OP40 OP40

12Volt - 40Ah - LiFePo4 Battery

OP50 OP50

12Volt - 50Ah - LiFePo4 Battery

OP80 OP80

12Volt - 80Ah - LiFePo4 Battery

ReLion RB5 12.8V 5Ah ReLion RB5 12.8V 5Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 5Ah F2 terminal

ReLion RB10 12.8V 10Ah ReLion RB10 12.8V 10Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 10Ah F2 terminal

ReLion RB20 12.8V 20Ah ReLion RB20 12.8V 20Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 20Ah M6 terminal

ReLion RB35 12.8V 35Ah ReLion RB35 12.8V 35Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 35Ah M8 terminal

ReLion RB40 12.8V 40Ah ReLion RB40 12.8V 40Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 40Ah M8 terminal

ReLion RB50 12.8V 50Ah ReLion RB50 12.8V 50Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 50Ah M8 terminal

ReLion RB75 12.8V 75Ah ReLion RB75 12.8V 75Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 75Ah M8 terminal

ReLion RB80 12.8V 80Ah ReLion RB80 12.8V 80Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 80Ah M8 terminal

ReLion RB100 12.8V 100Ah ReLion RB100 12.8V 100Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 100Ah M8 terminal

ReLion RB200 12.8V 200Ah ReLion RB200 12.8V 200Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 200Ah M8 terminal

ReLion RB300 12.8V 300Ah ReLion RB300 12.8V 300Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 300Ah M8 terminal

ReLion RB24V100 25.6V 100Ah ReLion RB24V100 25.6V 100Ah

LifePo4 25.6v 100Ah M8 terminal

ReLion RB48V100 51.2V 100Ah ReLion RB48V100 51.2V 100Ah

LifePo4 51.2v 100Ah LINYI Connector terminal

ReLion RB48V200 51.2V 200Ah ReLion RB48V200 51.2V 200Ah

LifePo4 51.2v 200Ah M10 terminal

ReLion RB48V300 51.2V 300Ah ReLion RB48V300 51.2V 300Ah

LifePo4 51.2v 300Ah LINYI Connector terminal

ReLion RB60-X 12.8V 60Ah ReLion RB60-X 12.8V 60Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 60Ah M8 terminal (High Continuous and Peak Performances)

ReLion RB35-X 12.8V 35Ah ReLion RB35-X 12.8V 35Ah

LifePo4 12.8v 35Ah M8 terminal (High Continuous and Peak Performances)